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ICOSS 2024 Presentation Awards

Our Presentation Awards aim to acknowledge individuals’ contributions to the field and encourage active participation, fostering growth in the research community. This concept serves as inspiration for greater achievements and may even lead to policy implementations for a promising future.
The final decisions will be made by the session’s evaluation panel members and the Conference Chair, all possessing strong academic or industrial backgrounds in the relevant subject area. Evaluation will be based on the following criteria, and the highest-scoring presentations will be recommended for the awards, according to rankings by the evaluation committee and the Conference Chair.

Selection Process

Criteria for the Best Oral Presentation Awards

Each presentation undergoes evaluation by two evaluators, and the final score is determined by averaging the marks from both evaluators. The top presentation in each session will be chosen based on these final scores assigned by the evaluators, with the ultimate decision made by the Conference Chair. The following criteria are considered for this award, and scores are given on a scale of 100.

  • Content of the presentation (45%)
  • Clarity and flow of the Presentation (20%)
  • Novelty /contribution to the field (25%)
  • Timing (10%)
Criteria for the Best Poster Presentation Award

Every poster presentation is evaluated by a special evaluator based on below criteria and the presentation with the highest mark is selected as the Best Poster Presentation Award. The final mark is given out of 100.

  • Depth of Content (40%)
  • Introduction and Abstract (15%)
  • Content knowledge and organization (20%)
  • Poster Design and Overall Visual Appeal (10%)
  • Verbal Interaction (15%)
Criteria for the Overall Best Presentation Award and Best Student Presentation Award

Presentations of each technical session with the highest marks shall be recommended for these two awards. They are evaluated by a special committee headed by the Conference Chair according to the below criteria.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Total Marks gained in the presentation
  • Significance of the paper to the field
  • Theoretical contribution
  • The ability of practical implementation
  • Use of appropriate methodological rigor
  • Originality

Awards Ceremony

All the winners will be presented with their awards during the awarding ceremony which will be held on the last day of the conference along with the conference conclusion.

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